Played (A guest post)

On the issue of sex we have been played and we know it.As a generation we had parents who refused to have the awkward conversation with us, the very one we needed to hear from them to equip us with the knowledge to defend ourselves out in the world that eels to consume us and [...]

Bringing me to myself

Actually honestly how I'm feeling lmao. Hello friends, weird entry right, yeah I'm not known for this kind of entry. This certainly wasn't supposed to be a blog post day for me but I'm honestly just in my feelings right now. I don't really know why but since this is my safe space, I've decided [...]

Breaking out and Running away

Yes everyone has insecurities and sometimes they weigh one down. Even sometimes I've felt like insecurities creates some sort of self made prison around people. The reason is because it creates some sort of barrier between yourself and the rest of the world. So learning to accept yourself with these insecurities definitely indicates freedom and [...]