Are your ships afloat or sinking?

Some ships sail and stay afloat while some sink. Do ships stay afloat because they are driven by professionals or because they should float. The titanic must have had professional sailors but it still sank. The iceberg pierced holes and the great titanic went down. I started this post with a parable so I'll take [...]

The truth about teenage years and clocking 20

The last time I came here to write, I was a teenager but now I'm a young adult. With how excited I was two weeks before my birthday you'd have thought I'll be shouting parte after parte but the day came and I was practically sulking. I questioned myself and my achievements. Well, that was [...]

8 ways to deal with daily insecurities and flaw discoveries

Everyday we meet new people and sometimes they point out or make you find out new things about yourself that you probably didn't know before. Some people are just naturally insensitive and don't just know the right things to say or how to say some of these things that make people feel insecure. So i'll [...]

Breaking out and Running away

Yes everyone has insecurities and sometimes they weigh one down. Even sometimes I've felt like insecurities creates some sort of self made prison around people. The reason is because it creates some sort of barrier between yourself and the rest of the world. So learning to accept yourself with these insecurities definitely indicates freedom and [...]