I apologize for my absence

I honestly have no excuse for this "over a month long" writing hiatus. I wish I did but I really don't. At first, it was about writing the next best article that my readers have ever seen, so I kept thinking up junk and writing nothing that seemed original or meaningful to me. Later it [...]

To the people I love

Humans are humans and are bound to exhibit humanly behaviours. We always look for something out of the ordinary. Sometimes we think we are searching for perfection but we aren't, we are just searching for love. You'll love someone when you think they pose something a little out of the ordinary to you. Ordinary, normal, [...]

Peace and God

I have finally broken my record of inconsistency, I really have way too much drafts presently and I hope this doesn't become one. It's probably a broken record to you guys but okay. I'll start with a little catching up on what my life has been recently. Schooling in Nigeria is an extreme sport but [...]

Expectations and heartaches.

Hey everyone, I hope you all are good. If you are really into my blog, you probably noticed that I haven't come here to write any thing in weeks, yeah. I've just really been off the radar for sometime, I uninstalled most of my social media. I reinstalled WordPress to talk to you guys and [...]

Always run from the embarrassment.

They usually say when you cringe at old happenings or moments you have grown. I don't know if that's something I should be happy about or not but either way I've decided to humour you with the most notably embarrassing moments of my life so far. Yeah I get it, you're probably bracing yourself for [...]