I apologize for my absence

I honestly have no excuse for this “over a month long” writing hiatus. I wish I did but I really don’t. At first, it was about writing the next best article that my readers have ever seen, so I kept thinking up junk and writing nothing that seemed original or meaningful to me. Later it was the fact that I felt tired of blogging and baring myself to so many people. Now though I’m back here because I like to keep to my word.

It’s been a long month/ weeks for me. I realised that not writing and publishing for this long made me know just how much writing meant for me or is to me. At this point I’m convinced it’s one of my lifelines. I’ve been drowning in my thoughts of recent a lot. Trying to make things perfect, be the bigger person and reassure myself that I’m a good person. To be very honest, it has been exhausting because I’m really none of those things and I’m tired of pretending.

This is probably a broken record to you all already but I’ve been writing a lot, just not publishing. I have way too many drafts and sometimes I beat myself up for not adequately reaching out or talking to you people.

I keep reminding myself though, that I created this blog for a purpose and just like life, things will never really go the way you want it. I’m not even going to say I’m bettering myself anymore because now I’m just living and that’s all that matters. I’m not content with where I am presently and I’m a tad bit frustrated but I’ll get there, where, I really don’t know. I’ll just keep assuring myself for now that there’s still a lot of things ahead and they are beautiful.