To the people I love

Humans are humans and are bound to exhibit humanly behaviours. We always look for something out of the ordinary. Sometimes we think we are searching for perfection but we aren’t, we are just searching for love. You’ll love someone when you think they pose something a little out of the ordinary to you. Ordinary, normal, regular aren’t loved until they are extraordinary.

It’s the extraordinary bounds and ties we hold with the people we love that make us love them. So if I’ve ever told you I love you, you’re extraordinary to me believe it or not. The way they do everything or the things they do become magnified to us. We notice every little thing they do, knowing just what it means.

When we fall out of love though, it’s bitter. We suddenly find it difficult to see those things that made us fall in love or that birthed us in love. They suddenly fall below the mark of regular to us, all the special things they had fade away.

It’s all made up in our minds. The things we see, our minds make it up. We are quick to conclude that they are true but none of these things are. We don’t really see things without love. We don’t see until we fall utterly and deeply in love. Our short sightedness is refixed through the lens of love and love is how we see life so beautifully and clearly. It is real, one of the realest feelings we have been blessed with. It is final and you know when you feel it. Love is pure and would never lie.

We could fall in love with the most mundane things. A voice, a melody, the transition we feel in our best songs. The tendrils of flowers could pull us in so deep, the gentle breeze that reminds us of our peaceful existence in a space in time and that time will remain in our memories.

Our siblings will throw their heads back in laughter when we crack lame inside jokes and we feel content knowing we made them happy. We see our parents sacrifice their time and lives to us to make us happy and satisfied and that is love. We playfully annoy our friends and watch their reaction morph from mock anger to laughter, it’s all that makes life beautiful and bearable enough to live through.

The way the people we love look at us, listen to us and offer us support no matter how stupid our ideas sound to ourselves. These things make us feel an emotion so intense we know just how deep it is. When we have loved or when we love we are content, comfortable, we feel a sense of belonging. Finally.

The thought of these people is a breath of fresh air and we sigh a sigh of relief. We do the weirdest, wildest things around them and somehow they still see those parts as beautiful and laughable.

When we lose them, we feel pain not thought to be humanly possible until we feel it. It’s so painful it becomes physical. Our emotions take over our whole being but one thing stands in the midst of all these. You loved.


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