Peace and God

I have finally broken my record of inconsistency, I really have way too much drafts presently and I hope this doesn’t become one. It’s probably a broken record to you guys but okay. I’ll start with a little catching up on what my life has been recently.

Schooling in Nigeria is an extreme sport but being in a Federal University is a suicide mission and I really do mean this with every ounce of sincerity in me, they really don’t care, they set us up for faliure and that brings the recap of my recent life to an end. It’s the perfect representation of what my life has really been. I really don’t want to dig out old wounds so we’ll leave it at that.

Today, I really just want to talk about my relationship with God over the years. I’m learning new things everyday and it’s safe to say that for some years now I’ve had an unstable relationship with God. I’ve been struggling on my own and everything has been so hard and difficult to understand.

In the world of today and in my generation everyone has become mentally liberated and while it’s a good thing, it also has it’s consequences. I mean look at the world now, it’s good and bad. A lot of people are in this category of mine i.e an unstable relationship with God, some of us are worried and are struggling to fix it while the others just don’t care.

Depending on your belief the latter category varies. I recently had a short talk with God and while there was really no serious sign or thunderous voice of reassurance, I just knew He was listening. The aftermath of this conversation I had with Him was a feeling of peace and serenity.

It felt like I had just gotten to a new phase in my life and one hidden part of myself came to show. This probably sounds strange or unbelievable to you but I guess you have to experience it to find out just what it will be like for you. For a long time, I have allowed my mistakes to affect my present and it has shown it’s effect but I just decided it wasn’t going to rule me anymore and it’s truly a positive decision to make. I still have some problems with some decisions I’ve made before now but I’ve stopped hating myself for it. While I keep fixing my relationship with God since it’s a lifelong process, I’ll keep praying for peace and calm.

I’m not here to preach because I’m not a saint but one of these days you should try speaking to God whenever you feel overwhelmed by the struggles of life.

Until next time because I’m finding it super difficult to elaborate any further but I hope this speaks to you in some kind of way.


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