Played (A guest post)

On the issue of sex we have been played and we know it.
As a generation we had parents who refused to have the awkward conversation with us, the very one we needed to hear from them to equip us with the knowledge to defend ourselves out in the world that eels to consume us and our innocence.
They just built walls around us, telling us to stay away without reason, and of course we rebelled, not wanting to be left out of the experience on the other side, the appeal of the forbidden fruit.
For guys they wanted to be like their fathers – a Man, so they want to eat the fruit reserved for men.
For ladies I can’t really say – maybe they’d hoped they’ll be reborn, like a lotus flower blossoming and shedding the pod of girl-hood.

But anyone who has fucked knows that we have been played, severely and utterly. We’d hope that after the experience our genitals will glow up and they’ll be an electrifying tingling dancing across our being, that we’ll enter into the astral plane and soar with the stars and converse with gods. That it will be such a celestial experience and somehow we will shed the limitations of our childhood and become adults.
But alas – played
Utterly and severely.

So we are confused, we must be doing something wrong, so we try again and again and again, we go on a spree, fucking whoever and whatever falls into our sphere of attraction, and soon it become less about the experience and searching for the meaning behind it and more about the numbers, so we keep count, it is now a game, “I hit two girls a week”, or “I’ve had bigger men than you have” are the bragging slurs we hear, everyone trying to beat the high score.
Putting ourselves and a whole generation at risk of infections and loads of unwanted pregnancies to irresponsible and unprepared youths, who can hardly take care of themselves.

We have been played
Severely and utterly

This is not limited to sex alone, – Money
We have been convinced that money will bring us all the happiness we want, that somehow it will complete us, fill that hole, that void.
Played – again

Our fathers flaunted their money, wanted us to listen to them, love and respect them (fear them) because they were the “providers”, and as usual we rebelled. We are extremely resourceful, we seek means good and bad, make the process as fast as possible, and we go at it and crack the code, we’re in! Hallelujah!
We stole, read, worked, scammed, whatever it took, we made it.
But Alas – played
Utterly and severely

So as with sex, we continue to play the game, maybe we don’t have enough, something must be wrong, we don’t feel complete
So we double down, we look for more and more and it becomes less about the search for meaning and more about the high score – shoes got more money.
And we begin to flaunt, cars, houses and women everything our fathers couldn’t or wouldn’t do, we have arrived.
A whole generation – played

Should I talk about God?
Nahh – I think we get the gist already.

We have been played- we have lost our ways and have been caught in a game
I recommend the book “Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl”.

I do not have it in me to write out my thoughts for recommendations and solutions, let each find their road and roots.
I too have been played, and I’m still caught in the gears of the game.

Written by Erharhaghen Onome. An extremely brilliant writer.

Happy new year everyone. It’s coming late but this is my first post so it can surely be overlooked. This is my first guest post and it definitely won’t be my last. If you enjoyed it as much as I did please tell me in the comment section.


  1. Some people when they hear the word sex instantly get uncomfortable 😂 making it seem like it’s something bad and it isn’t when done in the right way, it’s part of our lives so I think people should talk about it more respectfully.
    I think it’ll be better


    1. It really shouldn’t be as uncomfortable as they have made it seem. Sex is an act that we need to know about. Thanks Maymunah 🧡


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