Things I’m gradually learning

Hey guys, I’ve been off for a while and I apologise. This hasn’t been the best of times for me or for Nigerians, so I literally disappeared. If you don’t know what is going on in Nigeria, click here.

I guess I thought running away made things better but I lied. You feel whatever it is even more intensely when you don’t face it. Well after some soul searching and a new found understanding, I decided to come out of hiding. So I’m back I guess.

So today, I’m here to tell you things I learnt of recent times. I think it will be really good to share them with you, so I’m putting them here.

Make mistakes Everyone seems to think mistakes are forbidden. A life without mistakes and risks is impossible. Mistakes are made to learn. So make mistakes and learn from them, avoid perfection.

Avoid keeping enemies Keeping enemies is almost like building hatred in your heart. Yes, not everyone likes you and that’s perfectly okay. When you aren’t good with someone and you guys don’t agree on a lot of things, it’s advisable you stay away from each other. Keeping them around builds on the hatred and it’s toxic.

Do not make the social media what you decide to build your life on I think a lot of us know how much fake stuff are on social media. Building your life on social media will definitely pressurise you to live a life of perfection and that is unhealthy. When you feel like it’s all too much and you are beginning to lose yourself please take time off social media. Avoid being too immersed in social media, live in the reality of what your life really is.

Avoid incurring debts I get that we all want to look good and live what we see but you shouldn’t do that at the detriment of your finances. Once you see you can’t afford something, don’t get it. If it’s really important add it to your wishlist and save towards it. By all means, please avoid debts.

Keep the friendships you really need A lot of us might not believe it but we are mirrors. You reflect what your friendships really are. So if you’re walking toward achievements, it’s better to keep friends that you think can contribute. Keep the ones that you think can really influence you in achieving your goals. Keep the ones that care about what you wish to become and the ones that push you to do better.

Career building is important Once you’re in your early twenties, it’s essential to know what you want and walk towards it. In actual fact, your career might not be based on what you’re studying now in the university but working on it even on the side is important. Cease your chances and learn more about what you want to become.

Know what you want in relationships If you aren’t ready don’t get into it. A lot of people seem to think relationships are all about cute pictures and love getting us through everything but it really isn’t. It’s hardwork, understanding and persistence. Know what you want in a partner and have conversations about it. Also, don’t cut of your friendships because of a relationship. Never lose yourself in a relationship.

Make plans You have something you really want to achieve, write it down. You have somewhere you’ll really like to go, write it down. You have people you want to go with, communicate. Making plans keeps you up to date in your life.

Always pray When you feel really stuck and don’t know who else to turn to, turn to God. Turn to Whoever you serve and ask for help and guidance.

Make time for your hobbies Some of us are lucky enough to have our hobbies become our source of income, some of us aren’t and it’s alright. Just make sure you make time for your hobbies. They can help you remember who you are. Keeping your hobby helps you balance things.

Treat yourself right You deserve sometime out for yourself. Do the things you love, exercise and unwind from the life struggles.

Don’t work with someone else’s clock : Working with someone else’s time puts you on the edge. You are constantly pushing and blowing things out of proportion thinking time is not on your side. You’ll explode at the end of the day if you continue like that so just take things at a good pace and try your best. Don’t rush things, rushing things don’t change anything. We can achieve whatever we want at our own time. You aren’t in a competition with anybody.

Take time out with friends Taking time out for yourself is quite different from time out with friends. You take time out for yourself when you are starting to feel too absorbed in your career or your life but with friends it’s having fun, advising and talking to each other. It’s making the little moments we have count.

Avoid jealousy So your friend or someone you know is living his/ her best life and you haven’t quite hit it big, so you feel unhappy and you start wondering how that person got successful. When you smile with the person you don’t feel the same on the inside. Or you are beginning to wish you have what they have. Just stop it and wait till its your turn.

Be creative Think outside the box, learn new things. Try to do things out of the norm. Be new and be yourself.

These are all the things I learnt recently and I hope it helps you. Cleo Sol’s Rewind is also a song I listened to, it taught me things I didn’t know. It has helped me understand that time is what you make it to be. So don’t get lost in time.


  1. Very powerful read, made me see things clearer. Surely going to listen to cleo sol’s rewind, your recommendations are always fire.


  2. This post is definitely an eye opener. Enlightening me about things I didn’t really take note of. Thank you for sharing this piece.


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