We want the injustice to end.

#ENDSARS protest going on in Lagos, Nigeria

Citizens of Nigeria have been silenced for so long that now that we have decided to challenge the Government some citizens have been met with brutality.

https://twitter.com/baaleofabuja/status/1314520721884934145?s=19 This lady tweeted that the police threw tear gas because they are conducting a peaceful protest.

https://twitter.com/NotJustSalmanPR/status/1314527598395961344?s=19 Any injustice must not go unnoticed my people.

There are peaceful protests going on, where youths just want to make their already known plight known to the government. We just want to feel safe in the country. We don’t want to go out with the fear of being killed by a Sars (Special Anti-robbery squad) official.

Last week, I had gone out with my younger brother and as soon as we saw a SARS official we tried to walk as fast as possible to avoid being questioned. We aren’t criminals but we wanted to go back home to my mother in one piece.

I read the story of a boy that had already been signed to a football club or so abroad and he decided to go and play one last game with his friends as a way to bid them goodbye. He stayed at Shagamu I think. Sars officials stopped him on the way, harassed him, killed him and went ahead to drop his body by the roadside.

This is pure injustice. If he was even a criminal which he was not, the police has no right to take the life of a citizen except tried in the court of law.

A young boy’s life was cut short without justifiable reasons. I could go on and on with my lamentations which I would but the main point being passed as a Nigerian youth is that we want the government and the police force to bring an end to these senseless killings.

I saw a video also where a young man was told to come down from his vehicle and when he tried to confront the sars officials, he was beaten with a big stick. That stick shouldn’t even be used on an animal.

Nigerians are very resilient and the government has taken advantage of us. We do not even have freedom of speech as Citizens because “hate speech can land you in the jail now”.

https://youtu.be/OBgaTuYvflU This is the link to a video that shows the brutality of Sars officials and there are a lot more of that. Youths are harassed for dressing well, using IPhones and for basically just looking good.

https://youtu.be/qMbD87YHvlg (this video may not be suitable for some individuals due to some violent scenarios). According to the headline of that video, the Fsars officials are basically on a killing spree. Ending the lives of innocent young men and women.

They majorly focus on the men, so whenever my younger brother goes out, I call every now and then because I’m scared for his life. I can’t even believe that the police who should make us feel safe is now our major source of fear.

They call youths out on their hair style, dressing, the phone they use and basically anything that shouldn’t even be a problem. They collect your phone and invade your privacy, they even check your account balance!!!!!

Now the youth are making it known to the government that they should be feared because we won’t sit and watch all these injustice continue. I don’t have the biggest platform but I hope one day I’ll be coming back here to write that the injustice is over and we can now breathe. We just want our lives. We don’t want to go out and feel unsafe because of the police anymore. We want to stop seeing parents cry about their innocent Son’s and Daughters being killed by the Fsars officials.

So we want an end to be brought to Sars. We want the country to be reformed. We want our freedom to live our lives and breathe. We want to go back home to our parents and see them happy.

Today, I urge everyone to lend their voices and speak on behalf of the dead voices crying for their justice because we are doing this for our future. Now that we have taken out to the streets to protest and lended our voices on various platforms it’s registered that the youth’s should be feared because we won’t watch injustice unfold. #ENDSARS now, we don’t want it later.

https://twitter.com/justfeyi/status/1314522366433787905?s=19 These are names of people that got killed by the Fsars officials and the reasons why. Go through that list and you’ll see that they are unnecessary killings.

Basically what my country is like presently.


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