Are you ready?

I asked to be free and I was set free

I thought I knew what to expect but I didn’t

I was freed but I didn’t want to dive among thorns and trees

I wanted to dive in clear skies and over endless oceans

But for as long as I couldn’t flap my wings to take me high enough, I wasn’t ready

Hiding kept me safe but for as long as I hid from the troubles of the world, I was incapable of facing the world.


Sometimes we think we are ready and honestly maybe we aren’t. There’s always something we are trying to be free from. It maybe happenings around us or even ourselves. The struggle for freedom is very real and for as long as we live, it’s probably a constant battle.

I really wanted to encourage you to take that bold step today but who am I to tell you that if I’m not in your present position or thoughts. It’s okay to not be ready but it’s not okay to not have a plan. It’s always one step at a time, taking two steps will have you wiping dust off your body because you’ll be on the ground.

It’s all up to you to take the right steps at the right time. No pushing when you aren’t ready for it. You’ll know the right time to take the step because you know you better than me. I hope I didn’t lose you at that last statement lmao and thanks for sticking around to read up till now.

The last time a premature bird jumped out the nest in an attempt to fly when the wings weren’t prepared, it went down to the ground and I do not want that for you. So my advice is that you don’t chew more than you can swallow.

There’s always going to be troubles but avoid creating self made issues. There’s nothing like smooth sailing when you finally decide to take that step but you have to be ready to face whatever challenges you have to encounter.

So before you make that life changing decision, are you ready? Are you prepared to take whatever that decision throws at you? You know the answer to these questions so I urge you to do the right thing.

Bye for now, see you next time, stay safe and lest I forget, Happy Independence day to us Nigerians. Also I wanted to announce to all of you that I was recently included in a top lifestyle blog list and it honestly wouldn’t have been possible without you guys so, thank you. I’m very grateful for the constant support. I’ll also like to appreciate feedspot for including me in the list.

If you’re interested in seeing the list, click on this link


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