The truth about teenage years and clocking 20

The last time I came here to write, I was a teenager but now I’m a young adult.

With how excited I was two weeks before my birthday you’d have thought I’ll be shouting parte after parte but the day came and I was practically sulking. I questioned myself and my achievements.

Well, that was until I realised that I still had time. Because you’re now 20 honestly doesn’t mean you have to start rushing life. Calm down and munch on a chocolate bar or something. Just eat, pray, love and grow very gradually. Savour every single moment of your life while putting in hardwork and not procrastinating. Cease those opportunities and develop the things you enjoy doing.

In your teenage years honestly, it’s advised that you make good use of it. It’s the time to flex and have fun but it’s also the time that really shows what will become of you in the future.

Here in Nigeria, I’ll say it’s the time you even make life changing decisions. As in, the beginning of my teenage life was at thirteen and that was when I entered Sss1 and decided I wanted to be a science student. So I’m here to tell you that if you are still a teenager think ahead and prepare what you’ll want your future to look like.

Meet older people and ask for advices, if you think some decisions are proving to difficult to make ask people ahead of you for their opinions. Meet your parents when you need too, see guidance counsellors if you have the opportunity,in fact if possible attend forums and seminars that will inspire you and shed light on things you desire to know. Yes it’s that deep dears.

Get to know the things you love doing the most and try to invest in it. Please don’t spend all your money on food and flex. Try your best to save some extra cash, you might need it. Is it healthy to have a boyfriend or girlfriend yet? Babies and gents that solely depends on you.

If it doesn’t drain you and you guys are okay with each others success and aware of your mental health, then why not. My main advice is that y’all should at least be wise enough and conscious of what you’re doing and not “oh my friend has a boyfriend so I too must have”. No please, endeavour to make very conscious and wise decisions.

Also please be aware of your mental health and take time out for yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don’t over work yourself or push yourself too hard. If you haven’t discovered yourself, it’s totally okay. Just try at your own pace. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes but have people you can talk to, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Sad to say but this brings us to the end of today’s session.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section. Do you have additions or suggestions? What are your teenage years like if you’re still a teenager? Or what were they like when you were? How is adult life treating you?

Stay safe and until next time. Xoxo.


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