Tired to admit it’s another day

Another day that comes with my weariness

A day to hide from this sadness

There’s never a day it won’t engulf me

But I’ll remain in denial

I’ll watch the sadness step out of my Television but I’ll choose to remain quiet and ignore it

It steps out everyday, increasing in magnitude and causing me to feel different dimensions of fatigue

I’m worn-out

To know I have to constantly remind you

I have to fight so it sticks to your memory

Black lives matter”

“No matter the religion we are one”

We are also human”

Maybe the ghost of our fore father’s and Mandela will do a better job

How many times do we need to say these words before we become debilitated?

For how long will you push us to the wall and blame us for our reaction?

I’ll be sapped again once I find out a 16 year old was killed for unjustifiable reasons

I’ll look for peace of mind

But I won’t find it

It will run far away from me because a human like me suffers while I complain about minor incidents

I’ve been drained of all the tears and can’t muster the courage to shed anymore

I’m distressed now that I know the voices of the dead crying for their innocence should sound louder than mine

Knowing death is imminent for every word of truth I speak

Knowing thousands cry for reasons you know and decide to turn deaf ears on

Since it’s neither your tears nor your cross

It’s not your memory

You’ll decide to honour the dead but never the living

Why wouldn’t I be exhausted?

You’ll serve injustice like it’s the sweetest dish in the room but you don’t expect my weariness

Even when I know a child born today could be rendered fatherless tomorrow

And for reasons of race and colour or religion

Why shouldn’t I be tired?

Now that I know

You’ll remain corrupt at will

Money will buy you over

You’ll change that autopsy report

The victim will become the offender and the criminal will have his crimes spread like wildfire

The innocent voices will cry again

But you’ll never care because it’s not yours

You’ll turn a blind eye as you fill your belly like a tank with the sweat of the poor citizens

They’ll cry for justice and never be given

Because you’ll keep them silent and tuck them in their graves.

Hey guys, I know this isn’t exactly what you’re expecting but in this moment of sadness I had to write this. I promise to r Pls comment your thoughts, share and follow this blog for more of these.

Photo by u14b7u27c1u2a03.u1587.u156e.u2225.u156e on Pexels.com


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