New year resolution

Hey guys, happy new year lovelies, glad you guys made it. Happy new decade also. It’s been a while and that’s totally my bad, I’m sorry, maybe it isn’t the right thing to do but okay lol. I’m very sure most of you have new year resolutions and I’m not against it but maybe you should stop being motivational and start being a bit more realistic. I hope you don’t forget within few days. I wish you goodluck tho.

Last year was one hell of a year and last decade was also one hell of a bumpy ride.There has certainly been evident growth in the lives of most of us in terms of emotions, physique, mental and all other departments of life. Some of us might not be very happy about the last decade and it’s totally understandable. Constantly thinking of what you haven’t achieved and what you could have achieved, but you can’t keep sulking. When this year begun the words that Bishop David Oyedepo said struck a nerve, he said and I quote ” a new race has begun”. So now it’s up to you to decide whether to buckle up your shoes and join in the race or lag behind.

I made a lot of mistakes in the last decade and I’m very sure most of us made mistakes which is great, it shows that you are at least making moves or steps. You now have the chance to correct those mistakes and let people learn from them. We are all looking for something and it’s our work that makes us get what we are all looking for. So learn, eat, work, pray, grow and take essential steps to achieve what you want because you can do it. Love y’all and I wish you the best of luck.

Cleo sol – Why don’t you.

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