8 ways to deal with daily insecurities and flaw discoveries

Everyday we meet new people and sometimes they point out or make you find out new things about yourself that you probably didn’t know before. Some people are just naturally insensitive and don’t just know the right things to say or how to say some of these things that make people feel insecure. So i’ll quit beating about the bush and just go straight to my self discovered points.

Practice Confidence : Start by acting like you are confident until you become confident. Most times when people tell you or remind you about your flaws, you become self conscious and your confidence level wavers most especially if you just started feeling better about yourself. So at this point, you have to pretend you are confident. Keep your head up and stop slouching ( yes you, you know I’m talking to you) it makes you look less attractive.

Be comfortable in your own skin: Yeah, this is a major point and note that I’m not talking about actual skin alone but every other thing you are. Before you leave your abode make sure you are very comfortable and proud of whatever you are wearing. Be comfortable in your personality, your behaviour, your mode of dressing and basically everything you are.

Start listening to songs that uplift you: Believe it or not, the songs you listen to have a great effect on yourself, your mood, and the aura you bring. Yes, it’s that deep lol. Music is beyond the natural realm, so start listening to songs thst make you feel better about yourself and not the ones that depress you and that make you wet your pillow and sulk all night.

Be happy: JUST BE HAPPY. If you don’t find a reason to be happy, remember memories that you made with friends or family or the things that made you laugh so hard. If that still doesn’t make you happy, take a walk, appreciate the beauty of nature, meet new people, take note of the little things that happen around you.

Don’t take things personal: Hmmmmm, this is something I’m also learning lol. Earlier on, I used to feel so somehow about the shape of my face ( I’m round faced ) because my jawline is so undefined. Well yeah, I don’t like the fact that I have to select hairstyles because believe me I’ll look like a pregnant woman with some hairstyles lol. So just imagine if someone makes a joke or talks about the shape of my face, I’ll most likely take it personal. If you stop taking things personal, it will actually help you to feel better about yourself gradually. It’s difficult but really helpful.

Be versatile: I hope my mum see’s this post, she will tell me to practice what I preach lol. So this one is for all my dressers in the houuuusssssseeeee. I know I’m being giddy about this one because I’m also tryinnnnng to be versatile lol. Be versatile with your clothing styles, try new hair styles ( make sure it fits the shape of your face before you try it, I’m a living testimony lol) give new responses to things that happen around you each time. Just be spontaneous and very unpredictable.

Be nice and smile more often; The funny thing about these things I’m writing is that I have to apply them to my own life : – ) Most times when one is socially awkward, people tend to believe they are proud. The cure to social awkwardness is appropriately blending in and making sensible contributions to conversations. If you tried all what I said before this point, you’ll most probably start being more comfortable around people. Smiling makes everyone look more beautiful and approachable. A good character makes it even better.

Take out time for workouts and yoga sessions; These little things have a way of making you feel better and more confident in yourself. It also helps in discovering your strength and your weaknesses. Yoga helps you concentrate.

I hope the points listed above can help you, if you struggle with insecurities, they are helping me. So if they help you, you can drop your comments and also recommend it for other people you know might need it.

Tems- Try me Chante Moore- Special

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