Dedicated to my younger zealous self

I remember while I was much younger, I wanted to be a doctor. Yo that was my biggest aim in life. I will never forget the day my dad bought this toy doctor kit for me, I was so excited. I was using the stethoscope to touch my younger brother, baby dolls and even my mom (this is so funny), I dont think I’ve been that excited in my life lol. Growing up, the zeal to pursue a doctorate degree (medicine) started to decrease. Sciences started to bore me but even though I kept struggling. At aparticular point, I realised that maybe I didn’t like to be a doctor, I just liked the way they acted, dressed and the work they did. If I got admission for medicine, I’ld probably end up as a drop out, truth be told.

Recently, I offered this education course where they taught us multiple intelligences. You know sometimes, the Creator has a way of telling you somethings and I discovered that every child has his\ her own unique type of intelligence. some are linguistically intelligent ( good with words\pun), bodily intelligent (kinesthetically\ physically active), musically intelligent, logically\mathematically intelligent,interpersonally intelligent ( can read moods and are usually best in things related to psychology), intrapersonally intelligent, naturally intelligent ( ususlly good in sciences).

Realising this actually hit different while I was taking lectures because I realised that I might have been going then wrong way all this while and I’m probably not the only one. Many others may have realised this earlier or maybe later when they probably couldn’t go back.

The main point of all I’m saying is that it’s better to be discovered or discover your talent or intelligence when you are younger. More school’s probably have to learn how to let their their students know their intelligence and discover it. This builds a better and more productive society. Find out what interests the student’s the more and how they react to different activities

I know I can (be what I wanna be) – Nas


  1. We all been there,I wanted to pursue pharmacy but after high school and trying to get admitted,I lost interest in science totally cos Nigeria educational system is shitty but all good,anyways just keep it up meme.

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  2. This is so true
    The post captivating part to me is the different types of intelligence.if only we get taught this at high school and are able to identify them
    many people will be happier with what they do and even do much better in school
    kudos for this


    1. Yes very true, a lot of people have been misled. most probably not knowing the right course to pick. Thank you so much.


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