Breaking out and Running away

Yes everyone has insecurities and sometimes they weigh one down. Even sometimes I’ve felt like insecurities creates some sort of self made prison around people. The reason is because it creates some sort of barrier between yourself and the rest of the world. So learning to accept yourself with these insecurities definitely indicates freedom and I see that as breaking out and running away. Maybe these insecurities even still chase us sometimes, I don’t know but I know sometimes you meet new people and of course you feel insecure again but i guess you always have to be strong enough. There was a time I was trapped in the confines of the walls of insecurities and it was like a prison but the only difference was that I put myself in there and it was really hard to break through because self inflicted situations are the worst to get over. It feels very convincing, and even with myself I felt like I’ve been through it a million times. I was just hoping that one day I’ld be pushing through it finally. I wanted to fit in the world of “perfection”. It took me time to realise that there was nothing like a world of perfection. A world of perfection is only filled with lies as said by Kendrick Lamar. My self confidence got tampered with because i was pressuring myself to become what i was not. I became socially awkward because I saw myself as a social outcast. I thought my imperfections left me less perfect and less beautiful and I definitely didn’t love myself . Self love and respect are the keys to successfully accepting your insecurities along with yourself and nobody will ever be able to love you the way you love yourself. You are strong enough.

Whitney Houston – Greatest love of all

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      1. Yeah, welcome back Seun. I personally missed your write up. Your positions as per loving oneself is the greatest remedy to insecurity in life.


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