Self Worth

It’s not okay to think you are not worth it. I’ve met a lot of people who are beautiful but do not even believe when people tell them they are. Actually, it’s not possible to believe you are beautiful when someone tells you that you are if personally you do not see yourself as beautiful. So what is self worth, is probably the question you are asking now. Self worth is a feeling of self value. It’s when you see yourself as someone who is worthy of love and respect. Also the lack of self worth is a continous feeling of inferiority amongst others. Lack of confidence is the major cause of lack of self worth.Not having self worth leaves you feeling awkward in almost every social setting if not all, you feel dejected and alone even when you are with your friends, you might even see yourself as inanimate and you will definitely believe you are unlovable. Yes, everybody has insecurities and imperfections but all these don’t even define you. Lack of self worth is really harmful because it doesn’t even allow you to realise you might have goals, visions and prospectives.

It’s quite easy for me to know all these things about low self esteem and lack of self worth because I was once there. I had most of my self battles while I was in seconday school. I had a very low self esteem (if there’s anything like that). One of the major reasons for my low self esteem was my stature (even till now, I’m still quite touchy when it comes to coversations about my stature) because I’m fun- sized lol but it got to a time that I realised that all I could achieve and everything that even goes on in my life is not dependent on my stature. Also one way I combatted my low self esteem is that i realised that in actual sense, no one could love me as much as I loved myself. Yes I know you are probably tired of the “self-love” ted talk but be true to yourself. Be kind to yourself, try new things, take time out for yourself, get to know your strength and your weaknesses, better your weaknesses, don’t constantly blame yourself for your mistakes, instead make corrections. Then i’ll introduce you to my mum’s therapy lol, every morning, when you wake up, instead of looking down on yourself in front of the mirror, you can as well re assure yourself that you are everything you think you are not until you believe that you are. Make decisions that better yourself and learn to like and value yourself, no matter the mistakes you might have made.

Complexion- Kendrick lamar ft Rapsody Beautiful little fools- Jorja Smith

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  1. Man was actually wired with an inestimable strings, hence they are priceless and are completely unique in their making though. So value yourself.


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