Finding Myself

Sometimes I just stare out the window and imagine I was someone else and it has never been very possible to fit in anyone else because I fit best in myself. I have constantly thought to myself “why am i not like the others?. Personally, I confess to the fact that I have tried to be someone else but most times I ended up failing myself. Well, after several tries, I finally realised I couldn’t be any other person, I realised i will always be me no matter what happens. Realising you cannot be anyone else and accepting your imperfections is definitely a step towards finding yourself. Learning about your uniqueness is another great step towards discovering yourself. It is also very important that you realise that the steps you take towards your ambitions doesn’t necessarily have to make sense to everyone that surrounds you. Somtimes you may wonder what makes you different and why you are different but look at the clouds and the trees, they have different purposes. So in my own opinion your purpose in life is what makes you different. Good thing is that it’s never too late to find your sole purpose in life. Whenever you find this purpose, act on it.

Blackberry molasses- Mista

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  1. I appreciate nature that thought you this wisdom. You can never be someone else, every being has it own unique formation embedded in them, and they all blessed accordingly. Stay blessed in your own uniqueness.


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